Thursday, September 26, 2019

Examining Insurance Policies Part 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Examining Insurance Policies Part 3 - Essay Example Premises medical coverage is intended on paying for minor injuries, which might happen in individual’s airport facility. The coverage helps in avoidance of litigation for minor claims (Diederiks-Verschoor and Butler 247). The coverage would help Mike’s students incase an injury occurs during the training. The limits of the medical coverage range from 1000 to 5000 US dollars individually. Products and completed operations policy offer liability protection for property damage and bodily injury which arises after selling the aviation products or services that the organization offers. The policy only covers when an accident occurs while delivering a product or service by another person (Diederiks-Verschoor and Butler 252). Hangar-keeper liability covers any damage to an aircraft if it is not fully owned or leased to you and while the aircraft is under your care, control and custody, mostly likely when servicing for maintenance, storing or fueling. The cover pays for all damages that a person is legally responsible. Off-Premise’s liability extends from Premises Coverage that includes other necessary or incidental locations to one’s operation. In-Flight Hangar-keepers is an extension of Hangar-keepers liability covering for damage to non-leased or non-owned aircrafts flown by any other pilot (Grothaus 20). Personal injury coverage pays for legal defense any owner of an aircraft sued for damages for injuries that arise from false arrest, imprisonment or detention, slander or libel, malicious prosecution, wrongful entry or invasion to an insured person (Grothaus 25). Fire legal liability covers for legally responsible damages to the buildings leased or rented on the insured airport premises caused by fire. Professional liability covers the protection for bodily injury that arises from an omission or error committed on giving of flight instruction, which may result to an accident at a

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