Thursday, November 21, 2019

Primary NQT statement Personal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Primary NQT - Personal Statement Example I am also familiar with 'P scales' assessing SEN children's current ability and levels. This assisted me in planning and setting future targets for the children. I am able to work effectively and to follow new guidelines, procedures and instructions independently or in a team and to deliver lessons in class to children of all abilities. While working as teaching assistant I have also read bilingual stories to children with English language difficulties. Thus, I can interpret and explain stories to children in order to better understanding the meaning in English. I fluently speak, read and write in Bengali, Urdu and Arabic. In addition I am competent in a variety of Asian languages such as Bengali, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi. Therefore, I am able to communicate with parents who have difficulties in expressing themselves in English. I feel it is important to build up a good and trustworthy I have successfully passed an in-depth Frist Aid course and I have profound knowledge and experience in health and safety procedures for children and parents within the educational environment. This involves strict supervision of the children within the educational setting. I have experience in teaching across all year groups and I have the confidence to keep discipline. My early placement was at Rebecca Cheetham Nursery and Ed... There I was faced with the challenge to apply the learned theories in practice and the gained experience made me aware of the age group changing activities and learning developments. At Rebecca Cheetham Nursery and Education Centre I have the possibility to incorporate a "float" role which involved changing nappies, providing regular snacks and supervising children's activities. My other placement was in Ranelagh Primary School in Newham. Working where added to my enhancing teaching experience and I was allowed to undertake additional management tasks and monitoring other members of the staff. The Ranelagh Primary School in Newham was a contrasting experience, because it had a multicultural environment and diverse social aspects. What I benefitted most there was the irreplaceable experience to teach children from various cultural and social background and to teach them how to interact with each other. Trying to construct the individuality in every child, while addressing his uniquene ss is a rewarding education practice. My first teaching experiece was as a volunteer. My responsibilities included teaching and assisting the developmental progress of children from 3 - 5 years of age. I was able to plan, prepare, assess and deliver activities, which were appropriate to meet the needs of the children. Maintaining daily records was required to follow children's social, physical and behavioural progress. I am a GTP trainer teacher and while working as a teaching assistant at Plaistow Primary school I have worked with children from Nursery age to the age of 6. The job position required working with children who have communication, physical and behavioural difficulties. My daily responsibility includes satisfying the basic needs of the children as well as developing their

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