Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Unknown Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Unknown - Essay Example A villain is the epitome of insanity and cruelty. And there is none crueler or more insane, than the Joker. A villain who has truly made an impact, the Joker has caused a lot of damage in the most inventive ways possible in the movie, game and comic book series. He managed to kill Robin (Jason Todd), he was the one who paralyzed Barbara Gordon and in the animated series we saw how the Joker literally destroys Tim Drake (Levitikuz). In the movies, he is shown to be the one who killed Batman’s parents, he is the one who kills Talia in Arkham City and it is the Joker who turns Gotham’s most loved citizen, Harvey Dent, into the villain we know as Two Face. He has had a major impact in the Batman Universe, more so than any other villain. He is cruel in his ways and his relentless inflictions have caused a lot of damage (Levitikuz). Behind all other villains, lies the motive of power or world domination. So be it Lex Luthor or Thanos, their motivation is known. But when it comes to the Joker, his motivation and his plan of action is simply not known. He could conduct a twisted social experiment like that in the Dark Knight Movie involving bombs on two ships, to either send a message or just for the heck of it. This is truly dangerous because one cannot guess what it is that the Joker wanted to accomplish with his madness. His volatile nature is what makes him so dangerously villainous (Holder). The joker is everything insane, immoral and wrong. He plays dirty and he has no rules or laws. Other villains like Doom have self-imposed rules which they follow or have lines which even they won’t cross. But the Joker has no such limit. There is no rule he will not break, no line that he will not cross and no limit he will not go to. He fights till the very end and he fights with no holds barred. In the movie, we see him making a getaway in the school bus right when the school bells ring, he makes the victims look like a

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