Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Chinatown Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Chinatown - Essay Example Good investigators avoid jumping to conclusions and do not consider face value as the actual perception of the person under observation. In the whole movie one could gauge that Jack kept on concluding his analysis all too very quick. And much to his dismay all his findings were wrong, the result of such assumptions can be attributed to his un-composed and unsteady temperament. Jack lacked the required amount of self confidence for his particular field. The past experience can be held responsible for the low self confidence. One can guess that betrayal and unsuccessful career as a police officer has conditioned him to suspect the same in his job as a private investigator. The field of PI (private investigation) requires strong logical thinking and analysis. The domain of logical thinking is one of the innate characteristics of the private investigator. Jack’s logical thinking was weak as scene throughout the movie. He could not make out the relationships between the characters of his case and at times had to use force to take information out from the client. Like the instance when he repeatedly slapped Evelyn to find out about her sister. A good investigator interchanges his logical and creative thinking to come to a sound conclusion and as Jack was very straight forward by nature he could not figure out the tangled issues of the case and this was one of the reasons for his failure. Another pre-requisite for a good private investigator is the technical expertise and experience. When Jack received the case from the bogus Evelyn he was rather new to the field of investigation and therefore could not differentiate the fake Evelyn from the actual one. Good investigators perform background check before taking on an assignment so that they are sure that their client is real and that case is authentic. In Jake’s case the plot was dicey as the Mrs. Evelyn who came for marital surveillance of her husband Mulwray was not the real Mrs. Evelyn Mulwray. But Jac k took the case and started the search for Mulwray only to find him dead and ended up suspecting the wrong convict. Jack lacked the experience and knowledge for solving the case, due to this he was set up in a plot by the person who wanted to search for Mulwray. So instead of putting others in a setup he became a victim himself. In the investigation field the cases can be divided into three categories: neighborhood assignment, social assignment and work assignment. In the neighborhood assignments the investigator becomes a part of the client’s neighborhood and observes to solve the case. In social assignment the investigator follows the suspect around the social settings of pubs, markets and other public places. Work assignments are office related and pertain to the office environment and its surroundings. Jack’s case was a hybrid of neighborhood and social assignment. When Jake and Evelyn went to the posh locality, they disguised themselves as one of them to get in. A lso Jake followed Mulwray to find out about his girlfriend only later we came to know that she was Evelyn’s sister. The lack of experience led Jack to conclude that the girlfriend had

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