Saturday, October 19, 2019

Intro to business Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Intro to business - Assignment Example Secondly, the difference between home and workplace environment loses meaning among the individuals working from home. This is contrary to the expectations of many employees who yearn to go home from work since they associate home with some degree of enjoyment of the free time. As a result, employees working from home will integrate their working hours with other activities normally done during free time like answering the personal emails; hence, boundary on time is a factor that is challenging for an employee working from home. Thirdly, home environment is prone to destructions when compared to an environment where strict supervision is mandatory. As a result, production levels for employees working from home may be a considerable challenge due to such distractions like phone calls, family demands or any other thing or person sharing the same home space. Treating home as a professional environment will thus decrease the production. Fourthly, the isolation that comes with working from home denies the employee socialization and camaraderie. There is a lot of solitude at home environment; this is challenging to employees who may be social. Many employees face challenges of striking a balance between their careers and personal life, especially when working from home. This can be addressed through proper management of time where tasks are organized efficiently, and actions required for both work and home should be fulfilled with the realistic expectations. Prioritization of tasks is essential, and time is estimated for every task. However, scheduling for the personal events is crucial for the welfare of the family. This ensures that a balance is reached between your work and the family requirements. From the tasks filed, a home professional should ensure the accomplishment of tasks within the stipulated time. This distinguishes the time allocated for home life with that allocated for professional work. A constant evaluation may be critical to ensure

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