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ISOO 9001 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

ISOO 9001 - Research Paper Example This tool is viewed to be high above a standard measure. It touches on the daily practices of an organization therefore, affecting the quality of services (Steyn, 2012). Charts, diagrams and tables are used to illustrate the planning, implementation, control, and documentation of this quality management structure. Below is a sample of a flow chart There are various tools in this system as discussed below; Customer focus In the application of this tool, the organization focuses on the needs and preferences of the customers. The organization puts up a system that ensures there is effective communication between the organization and the customers (Steyn, 2012). The customers are free to make enquiries and recommendations. The organization is able to get feedback from customers. When producing, the organization ensures products are in accordance to consumer expectations. General processes in an organization affect the final product that is released to consumer. Given that the organizatio n focus on the needs of the customers, all the activities are geared towards ensuring that the final products are according the needs in the market. There is good relationship between the customers and the organization, the customers are satisfied by the quality and quantity of the products and they can access these products at fair prices. Organizations that use the customer focus tool; have embraced it because they have been compelled by the customers. Additionally, realizing competitors have embraced this system; these organizations have been left with no alternative (Drori, 2013). The companies have however found this tool to be significant in their performance. 1. Leadership This tool is applicable in the top management level of an organization. The management body, in implementation of this tool, should focus on the communication, planning, provision of adequate resources, and reviews of the performance. It is through good leadership in an organization that the staff is motiva ted and the organizations’ goals are met without compromise. The leadership provides good working environment hence increase in the output (Steyn, 2012). The organization’s reputation and image is improved. It is not possible to underestimate the senior management’s role in an organization. Therefore, the leaders of organization should understand and articulate the organizations goals clearly.   Ã‚   2. Involvement of people In order to realize the objectives of the organization, the top management should work with other people both within and outside the organization. There should be effective communication to ensure smooth operations within the organization (Watson, & Howarth, 2011). Powers and responsibilities of individuals in the organization should be clearly stated. This important because each person is ware is his duties and the ranks are clear. This motivates the employees and reduces conflicts and time wastage. Senior manager should be given the resp onsibility of ensuring overall smooth running of the organization. 3. Process approach The operation processes in an organization should be kept in check. This entails checking performance scope. There should be effective means to control the processes in the organization. This tool can be implemented through developing list of steps to follow in the organization. Additionally, there should be tracking system that enables one to evaluate the production processes (Watson, & Howart

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