Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Virgin Atlantic A Premium Brand Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Virgin Atlantic A Premium Brand - Essay Example The company, Virgin Atlantic, implemented the core value marketing strategies (Czinkota, 2007). The company’s Steve Ridgeway, VirginAtlantic’s Marketing Director, focused on advertising the many benefits of flying the London and other skies within the comfortable passenger planes of Virgin Atlantic. Mr. Ridgeway joined Virgin Atlantic Airlines in1989. Ridgeway’s successful marketing strategies triggered his promotion to the more responsible and more hectic head of marketing position in 1992. The promotions activities included offering discounts and other special privileges to frequent flyers. The company offered busy airline travelers to enroll in the company’s frequent flyer programme. Ruth Blakemore, Virgin Atlantic’s Marketing Head, coordinates with Mr. Ridgway as one of the top marketing officers of Virgin Atlantic (Doyle, 2012). Further, the company implemented excellent quality customer services to increase customer demand(McDonald, 2007). The company’s in-flight catering service is on the same level as the catering services of other competing airline companies. The company’s airport retail area caters to the personal and other travel needs of the company’s airport passengers. Within the airports, the customers can easily access the busy duty free shops. The company also implements a prestigious product development as well as public relations campaign under the strong leadership of Mr. Ridgeway. Specifically, the company’s advertising budget is equal to two percent of the company’s overall turnover or revenues. The advertising campaigns are described as several short advertisements being handled by several professional advertising and promotions organizations (Doyle, 2012). Further, Virgin Atlantic’s management structure focuses on customer-based marketing. The company’s pricing and services are geared towards filling the current and future customers’ demands or wan ts. The company’s headquarters is in Crawley, near Gatwick. The organisation implements flexible communication activities within the line and staff setup. The organization is described as loose. One senior officer of the company described the management structure as filled to the brim with entrepreneurial trimmings, independent, and autonomy. Management exercises strong control of both the employees and the scarce company resources. Most of the company’s employees had prior experiences in other competing United Kingdom airline companies. The people are given the free will to make decisions within the necessity of wasting time trying to seek approval from the upper levels of management. The management policies include scrutinizing and managing organizational expenses and costs. Each sector of the airline company is mandated to reduce operating expenses. The company’s top three management officers are managing director Roy Gardner, managing director Syd Pennington , and finance director Nigel Primrose. The three officers report directly to Virgin Atlantic Airlines founder Richard Branson (Doyle, 2012). The company’s Managing Director Roy Gardner brings a vast airline operations experience to uplifting the operational management of the company. Gardner was the former technical director of Virgin Airways in 1984. Prior to his Virgin Airways stint, Gardner worked with Laker Airways. Garner also had several years’ experience working with British Caledonian Airways. Mr. Gardner’s airline experiences, prior to Virgin Atlanti

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